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Kompressor Kube-Large

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Trifold Garment Sleeve

Old is new again with our fashionable, functional and flexible garment sleeve
  • Fits in any carry-on
  • Perfect overnight bag with carry handle
  • Two D-Rings to attach any shoulder strap
  • Two inside mesh pockets fit folded clothes and toiletry kit
  • One large pleated pocket for shoes
  • Wrinkle-free suit/dress bag with padded fold points.
  • Water and stain resistant fabric keeps your bag clean
  • Two side release adjustable buckles accommodates small and large loads
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Kompressor Kube-Small

Fit everything in your carry on and beat the checked-bag fees
  • Compress your Kube items and reduce them by nearly half
  • Small size is great for packing smaller undergarments
  • Transfer Kubes to hotel drawers for quick, sanitary unpacking
  • Great for organizing electronic cords & accessories
  • Unique top pocket to keep small items safe and private
  • Water and stain resistant fabric keeps your Kube clean
  • Ultra-lightweight
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